bastetThe Egyptian Mau , the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat, was worshipped by its original owners, the ancient pharaohs and kings. The word Mau meant cat or sun in Ancient Egypt, and the Egyptians revered the cat as a god. read more

The european beginning the princes
After World War II, Maus were nearly died out and not longer bred. Troubetskoy, born in 1897 in Lublin, Poland was a member of an influential Russian family. She studied art and medicine in Moscow and ���������������������������������������� after serving as a nurse in Russia towards the end of World War I she moved to England where she lived and worked for 20 years, read more

kittenThe american beginning
An in Rome exiled White Russian princess discovered the Egyptian Mau and became fascinated with them. Despite her efforts, the princess was able to secure two Maus from the stock in Italy: Gregorie, an 11 year old black male, and Lulu, a silver female. read more