the american beginning

the princesAn in Rome exiled White Russian princess discovered the Egyptian Mau and became fascinated with them. Despite her efforts, the princess was able to secure two Maus from the stock in Italy: Gregorie, an 11 year old black male, and Lulu, a silver female.
Sometime later, using all of her extensive contacts in diplomatic circles, the princess imported a smoke male from Syria – Geppa.
The first litter of post-war Maus was born in 1953 with a second in 1954.
In 1956 she immigrated  to the United States with three cats of her breeding: Jojo, Liza and Baba, which were used for the foundation of her cattery, Fatima.

In 1958 she registered her cattery name, Fatima, and 10 Egyptian Maus.
Three distinct colors silver, bronze and smoke were accepted for show purposes.
Self blacks were also seen in her litters and were used for breeding purposes only, not for show.
Many breeders have reported the existence of `blue Maus over the years.
Some breeders tried to recognize this color too, so CFA awarded  the blue AOV status in 1997.
Some of the early catteries in promoting the breeds besides the princess cattery Fatima were Polka Dots, Far East, Sangpur,…….  but they were still rare on shows.

The cats that come primarily  from the Princess lines are currently referred to as Traditionals
Known mostly for their uncanny intelligence and exquisite head type,  the traditionals have recently been mixed with what is now known to be the `Indian Lines to produce cats with lovely traditional heads, and spots of exceptional contrast and pattern.