The first what attract attention on a Mau are the spots and her primitive
charisma. These cats are born athletes – muscular, agile and fast. While
their expression is often described as `worried´, they exude extreme
intelligence from their expressive gooseberry green eyes. They have
been described as a `primitive´ cat with an `cheetah´-like

No picture or book can do justice to the look of an Egyptian Mau.

Although most people are attracted to the Maus because of their exotic
appearance, and it is only the beginning of the magic of the Mau.

The Maus are social cats and expect to be an integral part of the
family and demand to be treated as such. They are interactive cats,
love to play, run about the house carrying a favorite toy and enjoy
retrieving. Some have been taught to walk on a lash or ride on its
owners shoulders. These wonderfully striking spotted cats always create
a big stir with spectators at the shows. Some of their singular characteristics,
such as a fierce independence, uncanny intelligence and a strong stubborn
streak, also make the Mau a definite `challenge´ to show.

These characteristics make them also outstanding mothers and excellent
instructors. Their kittens stay a long time close to the mother and
learn from her. They leave her seldom before the age of 16 weeks.

The litters are normally small – mostly 3 to 4 kittens, and 75 %
are males. Also the time to be due is some days longer than normal,
sometimes up to 73 days! They like it getting the kittens near to
their most loved person, though there are seldom problems during birth.
In short, the Mau with her striking appearance and unique character
is a perfect pet.